Welcome To DIFL

DIFL has since long been a name undoubtedly synonymous to foreign languages in India as an avant-garde in teaching an array of languages like French, Japanese, English, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian and Thai for last 50 years. Despite being located just at Jaipur so far, it has attracted students from almost all the parts of India and many other countries, owing to its absolutely transformed and authentic teaching methodology which makes language learning as easy as a child’s play even for a learner without any significant academic track record.

We have trained thousands of Indian students, businessmen, jewellers, exporters, importers, employees, guides, hoteliers etc. in various foreign languages and Hindi and English to foreigners with their mother tongue as the medium of instruction. The Directors of the institute have themselves stayed abroad for many years in the respective countries whose languages they are teaching.

The basic approach of teaching is not only confined to mere knowledge of the language but to make the student communicate effectively and attain such a skill so as to handle all the practical situations of life through the respective language. Our web portal www.mybhasha.com which aims at teaching various foreign languages through our streaming classroom videos coupled with loads of audio-visual aids and other material will be soon available.

We also specialise in one-to-one online classes of Foreign Languages through Skype and other online tools by which you can now learn these languages at the comfort of your home or office without having to attend the classes at the institute. You can ask for a demo class on Skype @mybhasha.


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