Best Places to Visit in Japan

-Travel in Japan.

If you are planning to visit Japan and traveling for the first time don’t worry, we’ve saved your trouble and made a list for the things to do and places to visit in Japan. In this blog we’ll be covering few major cities but Japan is much more than that. If you are traveling almost for a week please have a look at the places that are highly recommended to visit. 

Bird’s eye view of Tokyo Tower


After reaching the Narita international airport first thing that you could do is to enjoy the street food at Nakamise Shopping Street and buy souvenirs at the local market before visiting to your next stop i.e. Sensoji Temple which is one of the oldest temples of Tokyo, where one can find his/her fortune written on strips (o-mikuji). One can also rent a kimono (Japanese traditional dress) and walk on the streets of Tokyo. After having explored these locations visit Sumida Park to have a serene experience of Japan and have a look at the famous sky tree of Tokyo. Moreover, you can have a majestic view of Sakura (cherry blossoms) here or in one of the immense public parks of Tokyo i.e. Ueno park especially when cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Ueno Park also have many Zoos, museums and temples that provide tourists to have a hands-on experience of the Japanese culture and history. You could also visit to Meiji Shrine as it is a famous shrine of Japan which is dedicated to the deity of emperor Meiji. You should visit Tokyo Tower in order to have a birds-eye view from the Tokyo tower observatory which is the second tallest structure of Japan at 332.9 meters. 

A picturesque view of a Pagoda with Mt Fuji


Hakone is a two-hour drive from Tokyo which is a beautiful location known for its Onsen, historic nature, iconic view of mount.fuji and plethora of recreational activities to do. You could ride a ropeway up to Ōwakudani station to experience the volcanic fumes. On visiting Hakone, one should definitely Have the experience of Onsen (hot water spring) and Ryokan (Japanese style inn). 

Few major activities that can be visited include: – 

1.Hakone open air museum 

2.Hakone shrine  

3. Lake Ashinoko 

4. Fuji world heritage site 

Nagoya, Japan


After Tokyo and Osaka, Nagoya is the third largest metropolitan city and a worthwhile place to tour different locations including Kyoto. Major places to visit include, Nagoya castle whose grounds are expansive and pleasant to explore. Though, it was painstakingly rebuilt in 1959 it is still a famous location to hold various events throughout the year. Then, visit the SC Maglev and railway park, which contrasts the history and the future era of trains especially focusing on the shinkansen (bullet trains) and maglev. It also displays few decommissioned trains of Japan. After having gathered the information about trains visit Toyota Techno and Toyota Automobile Museums as Toyota is one of the Japan’s largest international companies. In this museum they brief you about the history of the company and demonstrate many of their automatic technologies. 

Bamboo Park, Kyoto


If you want to get a glimpse of old Japan it is a must-see place for you as it was the home of the emperor and capital of Japan for over 1000 years. Many places are now UNESCO world heritage sites and Kyoto’s cuisine are an icing on the cake.  Experience Kyo-kaiseki, Traditional cuisine served in multiple courses which highlights subtle flavors of Kyoto’s seasonal ingredients. Then visit Kinkakuji (golden pavilion) a famous Zen temple whose two floors are covered in gold leaf and on the east side of Kyoto stands Ginkakuji (silver pavilion) which is also UNESCO world heritage site. Kiyomizudera is a temple which is a part of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto UNESCO World Heritage site and is famous for an eye-catching feature that is the 13m tall wooden stage which projects from the front of the main temple building. The temple is located in Higashiyama district which has many intriguing places to visit. Another place to visit is the Fushimi inari shrine which is a head shrine dedicated to the rice of god having thousands of vermillion gates aka Senbon torii. 

Osaka Castle, Osaka


Osaka is the Japan’s second largest metropolitan area after Tokyo and places mentioned below are awe inspiring and one must explore them. Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan is one of the Japan’s premier aquarium. It consists of various tanks that allow visitors to see creatures at different depths. Osaka station is a breathtaking station which has been emerged as a building of great significance after massive renovations, and now is added in the list of Japan’s most attractive stations. It also has modern shopping and dining activities. Shinsekai in Japanese means “new world” is an old neighborhood located next to south Osaka City’s downtown “Minami” area. Another noted attraction is Kushikatsu, one of Osaka’s best known specialties. It is a dish, composed of various skewered, battered and deep-fried foods. Last but not the least is the Osaka castle which was rebuilt in 1930s with reinforced concrete and has a museum inside. It’s worth a visit especially in springs at Osaka’s Hanami spots. Next stop should be Dōtonbori which is Osaka’s busiest and most popular night life district.

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