Bursting 5 Foreign Language Myths

A foreign language is a language which is originally from another country than the speaker. There must be a difference between foreign and second language. It is a language which is not spoken in the native country of the person referred to, i.e., an English speaker living in Spain can say that Spanish is a foreign language to him. Many children learn more than one language from birth or from a very young age, they are bilingual or multilingual.

Let us discuss the myths that we have for foreign languages

1- It Is Too Late To Learn Any New Language:

At a certain age, your learning process becomes slow but that doesn’t mean that it is too late to learn a new language or a thing. It is a constant process of learning which helps our brain to be in good shape just like doing physical exercises to remain fit. If you want to learn a language then excuses of age won’t work, you have to work for it. There is no age barrier for learning as no one is born with a language certificate. It is a gradual process but not impossible.

2-It Is Very Easy To Learn A Foreign Language:

The time it takes to learn anything new needs devotion for that particular thing. Like to learn a foreign language, you have to be dedicated. It doesn’t mean that you are giving an hour in a week to learn a language and expect that you will learn it very easily. It takes time as we are not robots that someone will insert codes and we will learn it. We have to give time and extra effort to learn a new language. Nothing in this world is easy to learn as learning a language is an evolution, not a revolution.

3- Foundation Decides The Strength:

As it is said that the foundation of a building decides the strength and durability of the construction. In the same way, to learn a new language, you have to invest a lot of time initially. You have to communicate a lot at the initial stage to enhance your communication as well as your fluency which will increase your confidence to deal with the people of the same language. Always pay attention at the beginning of everything as it decides your success and your failure. Don’t take things for granted as you are the one, who make or break your learning efficiency.   

4- Moving Abroad Ease The Learning:

It is partially true that going abroad will enhance your communication as you will be communicating with a lot of people in the same language but that doesn’t mean that it will ease the learning process. You still have to give a lot of time to practice a language and you should at least have a hand full of knowledge about that language to carry a conversation further. You can only learn by your own willpower, motivation and the amount of dedication for learning that language.

5- You Can Learn A Language Without A Teacher:

To be very honest, you can’t learn a language without a teacher or without the guidance of anyone. It will be very difficult as you don’t even know the basics of that language. Grammar is another mountain to climb, as it is a different way of thinking and perceiving the reality around us. As it is said that, experience doesn’t replace the theory and vice versa.

With the proper guidance of a teacher, you can correct each and every mistake and will also help you to not repeat the same mistake again and again. You have to trust your teacher who will enhance your learning process. Teachers are experienced and know how to deal with different people and this makes learning more easy and effective.

If everyone around you is repeating the same thing that learning a new language is very difficult then just ignore them as learning a new language may have some difficulties but it is not so tough. This is another myth people have in their mind.

So, don’t let these myths affect your mind and become a barrier to your learning. Always be practical in terms of learning as hard work and focus make you learn new things. Let us know if these myths were helpful or not in the comment box below.

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