English Language Individual Course

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English Language Individual Course

Our English Language Individual Course is ideal for the learners intending to cover the course faster due to lack of time or want a tailor made course specifically covering his needs in shorter duration.

  • Individual course suits best to entrepreneurs or other learners with specific preferences like desired timing, faster or concise course. It is customized according to their needs due to lack of time.It is also ideal for people who want individual attention. The students who already have basic or intermediate knowledge of English may also prefer this structure as an option to continue advance levels without having to repeat the previous learnt content.
  • Learn to Speak, Listen, Read and Write fluent English from Basic to most Advanced level. It includes all the essentials like detailed vocabulary, grammar, adjectives, tenses, Group discussion, Personal Interviews and other aspects of English as per your requirement. It is a very effective course to gain very good command in English Language within a very short time period. It leads to a unique Thought Translation Process (TTP) which helps you speak English fluently within short duration.
  • Most expert faculty with extremely rich content makes our courses absolutely effective from the best Spoken English institute of Jaipur, Rajasthan DIFL. It’s a very detailed course targeting each and every aspect of English language required to converse and communicate proficiently and gain a new confidence.


Duration – as per your desired level but much less than the group course.

For pricing and other details kindly call / whatsapp Mr. Priyanshu Sharma on 9929515151 or Mrs. Roopshikha Sharma on 9314502814