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Handwriting has been a long neglected aspect of personality in India, adding to its woes is, increasing use of computers and mobiles. Children have since always been reprimanded for not having a good handwriting but have never been guided in a proper manner to improve it. Just like any other art like painting, music, handwriting is also a form of art which can be perfected by identifying the underlying faults which we tend to make because of improper guidance.

Nothing can be more nostalgic than an old love letter written by a beloved which you had put in some book & forgot, or the mesmerizing letter written to you by your mother when you were abroad. One nice day while cleaning the clutter of your cupboard you accidentally end up finding your middle school note book and all the old memories and reminiscences of your friends and classmates start rolling in front of your eyes one by one.

Such is the magic of handwriting. Similarly, what you’re writing today will become an unforgettable memorabilia for generations to come. Just think! you are writing history. Shouldn’t it be so beautiful that you enjoy it writing today and someone will enjoy reading it tomorrow.

Once you become successful in life & your journey of achievements has been accomplished and you think that you have acquired everything, there will still remain certain things which will spoil your euphoria.

Out of these flaws, some of them could have been rectified and some couldn’t have been. Till today, bad handwriting was considered to be such a curse but not anymore! With the inception of Shabd all these myths will be broken, time and again. Shabd has pledged to chisel your handwriting just like a sculptor chisels his dreams into beautiful creations called idols.

Why anything should stop you from flowing freely when you have been incarnated a river, not a pond? Why let these small flaws interrupt your barrage of enthusiasm & Why let people inferiorly judge you just because of a mere thing as handwriting when you could have improved it miraculously in just 7 days ! Congratulations to you that you do not belong to the herd of people who keep making plans and regret afterwards !

Welcome to a world, where we escort you to the world of beautiful handwriting ! Welcome to Shabd!