Translations & Interpretations

Besides of teaching foreign languages DIFL also specialises in translations of technical, formal, informal and business letters / faxes / E mails / Applications and other documents, and Telephonic / Face-to-face / On-sight intrepretations relating to business, travel or other interests in Italian, Spanish, Japanese, French, German & English.

All Translations / Interpretations tasks are handled by the directors of the institute themselves, to assure you of accuracy and reliability to the maximum possible extent.

DIFL has served many multinational companies in translations and interpretations for their various projects in collaboration with other countries. The unending list of clients includes Importers & Exporters of garments, jewellery, handicrafts, travel agencies, hotels, tourist guides, escorts and various others from different commercial fields.

The accuracy of translations & interpretations is of a great importance when dealing with a foreigner as the whole impression of the company and its products relies on the interpretor / translator as to how he represents it. A Translator/ Interpretor is like a bridge between the seller and the buyer which has to be strong for a better tie.

We also undertake such jobs as converting your whole communication by converting the faxes/letters/E mails/telephone calls of your buyer to your mother tongue and vice versa, so that there is no chance of any misunderstanding due to the language barrier.

The terms can be discussed with the director for any such requirement depending upon the nature of the work.

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