Methodology of Teaching

Our experience, based on the personal encounters with the language and the troubles faced by the students at various phases, tells us that learning a language solely by the use of books actually makes the student only visually acquainted with the language. Such students, who are made to learn the language by the use of books, are observed to be unable to speak and understand the learnt language despite of having finished the entire course. The reason for this handicap is primarily their total reliance on the books.

We must understand one thing very clearly that the books do not talk to you; neither do they ask you anything to make you speak. So the dependence on books trains your eyes, whereas you should be training your tongue to be able to speak and your ears to understand.
And after all, who gave you the books and dictionaries when you learnt to speak your own native language? In fact, you had started conversing in your mother tongue much before you could read or write it.

That’s why at DIFL, we strongly discourage the use of books or any printed material during the entire duration of the course.

This technique has been successfully used by us for last many years and it has immensely made the students benefit in such a manner where they gain fluency and comprehension of the language within a very short time period.


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