4 Tried & Tested Hacks To Master A New Language

by Priyanshu Sharma, Director, Dante Institute of Foreign Languages- DIFL

Mastering a new language is an art. Though it takes time, it’s a great skill to acquire. It is a comprehensive tool to enhance your career and to impress your peer.

But learning a new language has become challenging today because of the number of methods available to learn it.

Some prefer books for learning, others go for YouTube videos.

While classroom learning provides physical necessities.

Online learning is another great way to learn a new language, but that leaves beginners wondering which is the best way to learn a new language.

But it should never be this way and that is why we have gathered some amazing tips so that you can master a new language in no time!

A lot of people start to learn a new language, only to lose hopes after several months down the lane.

It is not their fault always, any new thing can be daunting if the path is not set straight and clear.

Here are a few tips, you can not only sail through the entire course but also master it and actually start speaking it right after!

 1. Begin with the beginning : 

You’ve just started to learn a new language and are too tempted to speak it already?

This is what happens to a lot of us. It could be enticing to begin learning a new language and speak quickly.

But wait, this is where a lot of students stumble, and it is natural to be eager to actually speak it.

Though you can speak from the very first day but remember that this is just the warm-up.

You are going to get the gist of it, so that when you actually start speaking, fluency comes naturally. Don’t get frustrated, all good things take time and a new language is no exception.

 2. Right Resources:

It is essential to have all the required resources ready before you dive into the pool of language.

Though many prefer to learn with certain books. It is advisable to not go with books but learn along with the teacher, and starting to speak gradually.

Though you’ll not be forming sentences and speaking initially. You’ll at least know how it is pronounced and which character holds what tone, that is what books cannot do.

“Books do not talk to you; neither do they ask you anything to make you speak. So the dependence on books trains your eyes, whereas you should be training your tongue to be able to speak and your ears to understand.” Said by a language expert, Mr. Priyanshu Sharma, owner and faculty of my DIFL — a foreign language institute with more than 50 years of experience.

When applied to real life, this method of teaching gives impeccable results and students are able to speak the language, right after completing their course.

Learning solely from books can make you only visually acquainted with the language. It won’t enable you to actually speak it.

3. Patience is the key:

Foreign language is called foreign for a reason; we have never heard it before, and surely it will take time when you are trying to master it.

When it comes to our mother tongue, we are all experts, aren’t we? The reason is a no brainer, we have been listening to it right from when we were born, and that is instilled in our minds.

But when it comes to learning a new language, it is natural to compare it against our own language. It leads to frustration and leaves us with a feeling that language is too hard to learn!

But that is just the initial stage, once you get through it, the new language will become the next language you speak (after your mother tongue).

 4. Okay! Speak:

It is important you keep your ‘the embarrassing you’ emotion aside, that’s continuously nudging you! There should not be any hesitation while starting to speak a new language.

Remember when you were a kid and you stumbled to get the hang of the language, it is no different even now.

Start speaking right from the first day (whatever is being taught to you).

You can even speak to yourself or record your voice and listen to it over again. This is the best way you can learn and this would even enhance your listening skills.

That way, you’ll get over the embarrassment and get to speak fluently, pretty quickly.

Overall, learning a new language is highly beneficial. It enhances your cognitive skills, makes you smarter, opens the gates of opportunities for you, and a lot more.

Even, the best part is that language can be learned by anyone — literally, age does not matter in language, which makes it a wide hobby choice for a lot of people.

These tips can make you learn the language fluently and clear and hurdle you might be facing right now.

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