Why be a multilingual person?

A multilingual person is someone who is well-versed with more than one language. Usually, most of us can speak only one language — our mother tongue. But it’s always a plus to learn something extra.
Learning a new language can not only make you a smarter person but open gates to varied opportunities in life.

Not only you’ll be able to connect to more people, learning a foreign language can increase your reasoning ability too.
It is proven that a foreign language affects the way we think and act. For say, in some languages, there is no number system while in some, they use cardinal directions instead of left and right.

If you are someone who can’t decide — to learn a new language or not, here are a few points that will convince you for the former:

Why learn foreign languages?

Makes you exposed to different cultures:

You get to know about various cultures and traditions across the world that gives you insight and makes you an open-minded person.
You can connect with foreigners easily and get to know their side of the world.
While it is pretty interesting to get to know different cultures, what people do and why they do it, it also increases your knowledge about the world and gives you a better perspective on life.
It makes you better at understanding different viewpoints people have, be more humble and ultimately, makes you a better human being.

Improves cognitive skills:

Learning a new language is a great brain exercise and is proven to make you smarter. Because

  • It facilitates better decision making

you become open towards dynamic environment and possibilities and are able to grab new things much easier. You understand a different point of views effectively, which eventually leads to making better decisions.

  • Makes you receptive

Learning a foreign language makes you inclined towards the new phases of life; makes you keen on acquiring knowledge and more receptive listener. By learning a foreign language, it is proven that people become more confident and have a better approach to life in general.

Boosts your Resume:

Whether you are a fresh graduate or in school, learning a new language can boost your resume and make you stand out among your peers. It gives you an extra edge and opens the gate to a pool of career opportunities.
Also, it gives you the leverage to study abroad, breaking the biggest hurdle aspiring students face.
It doesn’t end here, if you are out of college and into a profession, a new language can level up your career and give you new opportunities and new heights.

No age limit:

The best part about learning a foreign language is that it has no age limit, a person aged 6 or even 60 can learn it. Language doesn’t restrict anyone. It is a flexible skill that anyone, from anywhere, can learn and enrich their knowledge.
Age is just a number, and this fits perfectly when one wants to amp up their existing skills and learn a new language. It makes your brain healthy and smarter.

So learning a foreign language can bring beautiful changes in your life, not only in your career but a personal one. You can travel more without hesitating because you know their language and cultures.
It can kick start your career or add a new height to an existing one. What’s more, anyone can learn it, there is no age bar for learning a language.

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