Why to learn Japanese?

 Why to learn Japanese ? What are the jobs available after learning Japanese India? Career in Japanese language? Proficiency levels in Japanese? Unique writing system of Japanese? About the intriguing history of Japan ?

These are some prominent questions asked by candidates who want to build their career in Japanese  language. Learning a foreign language with a vast career option attached with it has always been worth an step towards carving a niche in the corporate sector. Be it manga be it sushi be it Shinkansen (bullet train) Japan has always been a wishful country to travel, work or for living. With 98% speakers of Japanese in Japan, having knowledge of Japanese language becomes quintessential willing to deal with Japanese people. 

It goes without saying that India and Japan have a strong relationship as they have been working in alliance since we can even imagine.

Leaping to the present scenario myriads of opportunities are lined up for Indians wanting to be a part of Japanese work culture. Most eye catching jobs, scholarships, internships et cetera will be discussed in detail in the next blog.( Please stay updated )

Japanese writing system is what a candidate needs to learn to get the hang of the language. Unlike English it doesn’t use alphabetical letters instead they use a set of characters called kana (which is discussed later)

For example おはよう each character Is a syllable お-は-よ-う but initially to help the students get started we use Romanisation which is called romaji that is “ohayou” so that you can  become acquainted with Japanese characters which makes learning Japanese a cake walk.

Japanese pronunciation 

Japanese is a mora timed language. Every character in Japanese which is a syllable occupies the same length of time .

Pronouncing Japanese characters

5 characters in Japanese signifies the vowel sounds a -i-u-e-o except all these 5 characters is made up of consonant sound and one of these vowel sounds like Ka-ki-ku-ke-ko and special character “N” with only a consonant sound.


1.Kana 2.kanji

1.kana is a syllabic Japanese script which contains 2 scripts having 46 syllables each.

A. Hiragana :- A cursive script used for writing words of Japanese origin. 

B. Katakana :-  An angular script that is used exclusively for writing foreign words called “gairaigo” in Japanese. More 25 syllables are made in kana script using “/o

2. Kanji are the Chinese pictograms and ideograms. One should follow the proper stroke order to write kanji and to memorize them various methods are adopted by our side to make students learn kanji in most conducive way. Kanji can be easily learned with fun illustrations and mnemonic hints.Further sounds are represented by combining syllables. 

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